City Flags

Discussions on flags used in the Americas (South America, Central America, the Caribbean and North America)
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City Flags

Postby Sammy » 26 Jul 2015 12:04

I know State/Province flags get a lot of bad publicity, but some city flags are pretty bad too, to say the least (although some like Chicago are very good and among my favourite flags). I found what has to be the worst flag ever:

The flag of Pocatello, Idaho. Yes it has a trademark and copyright symbol and yes it is a real flag :shock:
The terrible flag is even matched by a terrible seal:

It looks more like a corporate stam than a city seal! I spend about fifteen to twenty minutes and came up with a better design :idea:
First off the seal:
Pocatello seal.png

Using a simple coat of arms seal, the shield symbolises the mountain logo from the flag, with a gold sky as the city was founded during the gold rush. A native American Headdress to reflect the fact that the city was named after a local chief who gave the railway right of passage through his reserve.
And from the seal comes the flag:

Bearing in mind I only spent about 20 min on all this and its miles ahead of what they are currently using! Anyone else got any bad city flag corrections?
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Re: City Flags

Postby VoronX » 28 Jul 2015 00:44

The City and County of Fairfax. Currently Seal based.
Fairfax County:

Seems a simple solution (from the arms):

City of Fairfax:

Proposal (rough):
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