Provo (UT) going to change flag

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Leonardo Piccioni
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Provo (UT) going to change flag

Postby Leonardo Piccioni » 29 Mar 2013 17:25

Provo's mayor call for suggestions about new flags. Read. The reason is that, on a NAVA ranking, it was only 143rd between the 150 flags considered.

The current Provo (Utah) flag:

What everybody see:

Some excellent proposals: [1] and [2]. They use to be based on the great city logo.

I will submit a design by myself. What about you?
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Philip S. Tibbetts
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Re: Provo (UT) going to change flag

Postby Philip S. Tibbetts » 02 Apr 2013 21:28

Thanks for this Leonardo - I will certainly be submitting a proposal for the Mayor's consideration.

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Re: Provo (UT) going to change flag

Postby Smertios » 05 Aug 2015 13:43

I found this online and thought I'd post it in this thread, just as a follow-up from the discussion: ... -new-flag/

It wasn't the best design in the lot, but it is still much better than the previous one.

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