Imperial Russian Eagle - Flagpole Finial?

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Imperial Russian Eagle - Flagpole Finial?

Postby jsokal » 15 Mar 2013 02:42

This is my first post to your forum. I have collected Imp. Russian antiques, especially militaria for over 35 years. Some 30 years ago I obtained this bronze Russian imperial eagle. It has a wingspan of 14.5 cm, a height of 9 cm and a length from front to back of 13.5 cm. It does not come from a helmet this is certain. On the back there is a large hole for a screw, and to me the thing looks like it was made to fit on a staff or pole like mount. The person I obtained this from was an extremely knowledgable individual in antiques and neither he nor I have ever been able to definitively identify it's purpose. Would anyone here care to take a guess as to what it is for? Photo link is provided below.

Thank you in advance
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