Standards of the Spanish Guardia Real

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Standards of the Spanish Guardia Real

Postby Tyskaorden2 » 16 Oct 2016 14:35

Royal Standard of Spain with the Standards of the Units of the Guardia Real (Royal Guard). Picture from the official site of the Royal Guard

Coronela of the Royal Guard from the same source. The various subunits uses Standards of similar pattern. The Field in different colours:

Military Control Company: Black.
Albarderos Company: Black.
Royal Escort Squadron: Blue.
Royal (Artillery) Battery: Per bend Black and Red (Colours of the Artillery).
"Monteros de Espinosa" Company: Red.
"Mar Océano" Company: Blue, the Lions with Fish Tails indicating that the Company is the Spanish Navy's contribution to the Royal Guard.
"Plus Ultra" Squadron: White, the Lions are winged denoting that the Squadron is the Spanish Air Force's contribution to the Royal Guard.
Maintenance Unit: Pure Blue.
Supply Company: Green.
Installation Support Company: Purpure.
Transport Company: Green.
Support Company: Blue.
Signals Company: Per bend White and Purpure.
Security Company: Black and Yellow.

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