Swedish pennant

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Swedish pennant

Postby Meiriongwril » 09 Apr 2015 12:53

Many people here in Sweden fly long pennants from their flagpoles (very common to have flagpoles here), instead of the national flag. Or, they fly the pennant on some days and the flag on others (e.g. holidays).
The pennant is a bicolor divided horizontally (the cross is not represented). Interestingly, some people fly it with the blue uppermost, others with the yellow (I don't think all those people are Ukrainians!).
I'm unsure which is correct - or even if there is a correct way. Any Swedish readers care to comment?

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Leonardo Piccioni
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Re: Swedish pennant

Postby Leonardo Piccioni » 09 Apr 2015 16:44

According to FOTW, the most traditional is the blue over yellow:

It seems to be linked to some other Swedish flags:
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