Project of coat of arm of Macedonia

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Project of coat of arm of Macedonia

Postby Tisserand » 26 Mar 2015 00:06


the actual coat of arms of Macedonia is the same as during the era of socialist federal republic of yugoslavia, but without the red star.


(actual coat of arms of Macedonia)


(coat of arms of the socialist republic of Macedonia, within the yugoslav republic)

But Macedonia and Belarus are the last two European countries that still use the emblem represented with Soviet emblematics.
In 1992, a new coat of arms based on an historic symbol of Macedonia (a golden lion on red field) has been proposed. This proposal was popular but she has been rejected because this emblem was already used by political party in Macedonia.


(proposal of 1992)


(logo of political party VMRO-DPMNE)

Since December 2014, a new proposal is studied (validated by the government) : a red lion on gold field surmounted by a crown.


Source : ... akedonija/
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