British local flag ideas : Bristol

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British local flag ideas : Bristol

Postby PaulJames » 16 Jun 2014 08:14

Here's my suggestion for a flag for the City and County of Bristol in England. It incorporates a ship (specifically, John Cabot's Matthew) for the city's maritime, shipbuilding and trading heritage, and an inverted arch alluding to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, one of the city's landmarks, representing civil engineering and innovation.

More on it here ... -18668479/

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Re: British local flag ideas : Bristol

Postby ododobe » 15 Mar 2016 13:17

Nice work. The use of the curve for the suspension bridge is a good one.
Overall it is a stunning flag.

I did a bit of research into the history of the crest and it seems they all have a fort or castle and a boat.
Remembering some heraldry stuff about the type of lines used to represent things like castles and water.
Somewhere in the dark resources of my old brain an idea clicked and I had to put it to paper (or screen).


The embattled line at the top representing the towers and the wavy line the water.
The boat to represent the history they have in Bristol with shipping and shipbuilding.
The blues are the sea and sky and the red from the city's current crest.
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Flag Explanation:Red, Black, White stripes on the hoist represent Tino Rangatiratanga, Maori Heritage, the Black and White on the fly represent Cornish ancestry.

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